The Spare Air is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet large enough to get you to safely to the surface in most out-of-air emergencies

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SCUBA Resources Directory

Submersible Systems offers the following resources as a service to the SCUBA industry.

Dive Safety Organizations - a listing of organizations that are dedicated to education, training and promoting safe diving practices for personal and professional SCUBA divers.

Dive Websites and Resources - a listing of organizations and publications that promote SCUBA diving as a sport, provide a listing of non-commercial dive resources and local maps.

Publications - a listing of magazines and newsletters dedicated to SCUBA diving.

Sponsored Organizations - a listing of organizations that we have chosen to sponsor related to SCUBA diving.

Dive Accident Database - a listing of SCUBA diving accidents reported by independent divers to our website using our online form.

Dive Safety Checklist - a checklist promoting safe diving practices.

Safety First - a directory of additional links to inform divers of safety issues.

Equipment Recalls - Over 250,000 pieces of safety equipment have been recalled in the last 30 years. Is your scuba equipment one of them?

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Survey Results - a survey taken by an independent magazine regarding diving practices and safety incidents.