The Spare Air is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet large enough to get you to safely to the surface in most out-of-air emergencies

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What People are Saying about Spare Air

Over the years, we have collected a few quotes from individuals who have experienced the power of self-rescue, or have come to learn the meaning and value of self reliance. We hope that by publishing these comments, you might gain a better understanding and possibly take action to save your own life, or someone else's, in an out-of-air emergency.

"My job takes me globally several times a year. Good news I get to dive in some of the best water on earth. Bad news, I generally meet my "dive buddy" minutes before the dive, and we may not have a verbal language in common. I have had cases where the last time I saw my buddy for the dive was when he rolled off the boat. Spare Air as a dive buddy was made for me." Willy H., Grapevine TX
"As a rescue diver, I find that this is a great little rescue tank to have when diving with other people." - Gary L. H. (Texas)
"I purchased it to feel more secure. It has solved my concern of having not having my buddy around in case of an out of air situation." - Jason Q. (St. Thomas, Virgin Islands)
" seemed worth the money to have a product that can save your life. I wanted to make sure that when I dive, and the worst possible scenario unfolded, I wouldn't be wishing I had a little more air." - Tom M. (California)\
"...a spare air would be nice for travel." - Don M. (California)
"...for a gift [my father] had purchased a Spare Air for me. I thought at first it was a gimmick and it was just extra stuff that needed to be attached to my BC, but after reading articles on diving accidents, a large number were due to out of air/regulator failure situations, so I thought it was a good purchase. My dive buddies also liked the idea that I had one in case they had an air situation. - Jeremy B. (California)
"Divers typically carry redundant systems and understand the need, I dive with two computers and carry two knives, on night dives I have two lights, but most divers carry an octopus which is redundant but has single point failure mode (first stage). I believe in the separate air system and will now carry my Spare Air on all my future dives." - Anonymous
"I dove Catalina 6-7 years ago and, due to a current, found myself very low on air as I headed back to the boat, and eventually had to start coming up to the surface, bypassing my safety stop, and hit the surface with about 200 psi left. I almost panicked, coming up, thinking I might run out of air. That's when I decided to sign up for Rescue certification (which I successfully completed) and to purchase a Spare Air, so I would know that I could at least make it to the surface if I should ever be in that unfortunate situation again." - Anonymous
"Fantastic way to insure Air is available in case of equipment failure." Richard U. (Texas)
"I am a very cautious person and it just seemed safer to carry a spare air. Backups, backups, backups!" - Abigail B. (Missouri)
"As a young diver sometimes safety and caution take a backseat to fun and adventure. As I have grown older, and hopefully wiser, safety concerns are very important. I would not want to have an out of air accident take me away from diving or my family." - Jason U. (Tennessee)
"I ran out of air Once and didn't care to do it again!" - Joe M. (Texas)
"Had a cold freeze up at 45' don't want to have it ever happen again without a spare Air within reach!!!!!" - Mike K. (Pago Pago, American Samoa)
"[the] most compact self contained system available." - Keith C. (Arizona)
"I won a spare air from this web site a couple of months ago and it came in handy for my dive partner last month when he ran out of air at 50 feet. He sure was glad that I had a spare air." - Gary H. (Texas)
"I fly planes and I always have a backup system. the spare air just makes sense!" - Paul B (Michigan)
"I wanted to get into solo diving and the Spare Air makes an great redundant air supply for solo depths." - Dan L. (Missouri)

"I purchased a spare air cause i make runs on the Delaware River with large groups of people. and due to the large # of deaths on the river I thought I would be a good investment." - Rob H. (New Jersey)

"Used it in the Navy, was really impressed with the system, never got used to the octo, don't like to share MY air." - Brian D. (California)

"...used as a saftey measure for diving with my wife. We wanted a seperate emergency air system." - Patrick K. (Arizona)

"I bought the spare air when they first came out (late 90's) and I was just getting into scuba diving. I bought it in case of an emergency which I have luckily never needed. Its life insurance. Scuba diving is an incredible sport with the right safety precautions..." - Claude R. (California)